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BITSMUN Hyderabad '22 takes diplomacy to a new high!

Over the course of its last 10 editions, BITSMUN Hyderabad the MUN conference of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus has been a dynamic platform that empowers pioneers to engage in critical political issues, refine their diplomatic skills, and foster a deeper understanding of national and international relations. As participants step into the shoes of diplomats representing different countries, they embark on a journey that allows them to experience the complexities of the world. The grandeur of its previous editions is conveyed by hosting participants from beyond India's borders, with delegates from the USA, Canada, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan attending.

BITSMUN Hyderabad '22 was held on the 26th and 27th of November, during BITS Hyderabad's Annual Tech Fest - ATMOS, amongst some of the most innovative and visionary minds nationwide. BITSMUN '22 was a diverse conference with a prize pool of over ₹ 1,00,000!

The Delegates could sign up for any of the following committees:

-The United Nations Human Rights Council, which tackled intolerance and discrimination against persons based on religion or belief.

-The United Nations Security Council, which held a special session on the complete reformation of the working of the Security Council in an attempt to create a more inclusive world order.

-The Disarmament and International Security Committee, which reviewed the Arms Trade Treaty, particularly concerning SALW (Small Arms and Lightweight Weapons) and drug trafficking.

-The Continuous Crisis Committee, which discussed the Russia – Ukraine war, assuming a freeze date of 19th November 2022.

-The Indian Lok Sabha, which looked upon the framework for the Implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) across the nation

- The International Press, which includes photojournalism and reporting as a part of a committee.

The MUN commenced with the opening ceremony, followed by committee sessions pre and post-lunch which were then succeeded by the High-tea session. Editor-in-Chief of Chanakya Forum and Senior Consulting Editor at Republic Media Network - Major Gaurav Arya (Retd.), served as the Chief Guest for the event and shared his thoughts and insights with the delegates later that day.

The next day consisted of two more committee sessions, where the heat of the debates and formation of alliances preceded the discussion of the Working Papers, with the International Press documenting the day's events in the utmost detail. The committee sessions concluded with negotiations between the delegates representing their countries, evidently seen in the Resolutions passed by each committee and press releases put forth, which detailed the agreed course of action or recommendations, as per the powers of the committees.

The event ended with high tea and closing ceremonies. The motto of BITSMUN Hyderabad ‘22 of #VisionwithAction was actualized across the two-day event.

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